Monday, December 25th, 2017

On December 6 and 7, the Montenegrin IT Cluster had the pleasure of welcoming over 70 guests, from Armenia to Ireland, at the first international AGRITECH conference. As a part of Conference, we had two side events: BBS Network meeting and Strategic Thinking Workshop.

The conference was opened by Mr. Vladimir Pavićević, in front of the Capital city. On the first day representatives of AGRIBUSINESS associations from Montenegro and the wider region presented the current situation and problems they are facing.

Then representatives of the academic community presented scientific achievements that can solve the presented problems using IT.

The day ended with a great wine tasting in the wine cellar Šipčanik, hosted by the local company Plantaže.

The second day was dedicated to the presentation of currently available technological solutions. A series of great presentations was followed by a very active discussion.

The result of AGRITECH 2017 is a great correlation between AGRI and TECH. For the next year, we expect a presentation of the implemented solutions.

All presentations are available for download on

See you next year at AGRITECH 2018.

USAID delegation counting

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Mrs. Lee Sara Williams, Meri Cuculoska, Stephen F. Little and Filip Stojanovic, payed a visit to the Montenegrin IT Cluster (ICTM) today. The chairman of ICTM Mr. Aleksandar Prelevic presented up to date results accomplished by ICTM with an emphasis on international activities and successfully managed projects. The group also engaged in discussing the regional cooperation and the progress made so far with the help of USAID. The possibilities of continuing this successful cooperation were also examined.
Finally it was concluded that with the continuation of support made by USAID, we can expect further success and new significant results, especially in the segment of international cooperation.

Danas je CG IT klaster imao zadovoljstvo da dočeka delegaciju republike Albanije u sastavu

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Nakog uvodnog izlaganja Predśednika klastera, u kojem se osvrnuo na međunarodne i regionalne aktivnosti klastera, prestavnica min. Ekonomije CG je predstavila aktivnosti koje ministarstvo preduzima u okviru programa podrške klaterima.
G-đa Milena Harito, ministar inovacija i javne uprave u vladi republike Albanije zatim je predsavila aktivnosti koje vlada preduzima na unapređenju servisa javne uprave oslanjajući se na IT.
Sastanak je nastavljen razmjenom iskustava prisutnih, što je rezultiralo iskazavinjem interesa za povećanje nivoa saradnje.
Crnogorski IT klaster je sa zadovoljstvom prihvatio poziv da učestvuje na narednom Inovation week u Tirani u maju tekuće godine.

Agribusiness round table

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Today in Podgorica, USAID REG Project in cooperation with Montenegrin IT Cluster, organized ICT in Agribusiness round table. Around 25 most relevant representatives of IT cluster, sector associations of winemakers, olive growers, beekeepers and some of the largest agribusinesses learned from regional examples in use of ICT for profitable farming and contributed to open debate about challenges in introducing applicative and effective ICT solutions in different AG subsectors. The Ministry of Agriculture presented best practices and expressed openness and understanding of the necessity to support IT solutions in agriculture. AG companies and farms discussed specifics of precision agriculture and different proven IT solutions. Two innovative IT solutions with concrete application: one for video surveillance of pests as well as specific technical video counter developed by the Faculty of Electro technical science in Podgorica and the other one on full traceability for beekeeping as guaranty for the quality of honey production were elaborated. Both presentations resulted in serious interest by the potential beneficiaries




Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters Network participation in Infofest 2016

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Due to the reconstruction of Hotel “Maestral” this year’s festival was moved to “ Avala resort and villas” in Budva. So, after five years of beautiful Miločer, Infofest returns to its source, under the walls of the old city where the first 17 Festivals (1994-2010) were held.

This year Infofest hosted some of the bigger names in IT industry in the region and globally; Symantec Corp. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, CISCO, Fortinet, Telenor, Ericsson etc.

However this year’s Infofest was more international than ever before, due to the annual meeting of Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters Network which was held at Hotel “Residence” in Milocer. This network consists of 19 different members coming from the region, including countries like: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Montenegro, Macedonia and many more. The main focus of the Network is to create appropriate framework to intensify collaboration of ICT Clusters and ICT organizations in the Balkan and Black Sea region in order to meet common challenges affecting business opportunities in the region. As a part of their mission the organization met to discuss past projects and further steps in its development. Bardh Kadiu (STIKK) presented the CBC project between Kosovo and Montenegro whilst E3 Consulting presented their latest SEE IT Barometer results.

Ultimately the Cluster chairman for this year Dr. Stelian Brad from Cluj IT Cluster officially presented the network and its members to other Info-fest participants as a part of his own presentation which took place in Avala resort conference room.

As an overall result of the conference, a new chairmanship has been elected for the upcoming year. It’s made up of four different regional clusters in Serbia; ICT Network Beograd, ICT cluster of Central Serbia Kragujevac, Vojvodina ICT Cluster, Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies.
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BBS ICT Network annual meeting to take place in Budva, Montenegro

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

During 28-30 September 2016 representatives of ICT Clusters from the Balkan and Black Sea macro-region will be gathering in Budva, Montenegro for the Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters Network annual meeting. The event will incorporate discussion topics focused on network results and outcomes reached during this year’s activities, as well as exploring future perspectives and collaboration opportunities within the macro-region. A particular focus will be placed in identifying areas of deepening cooperation in areas such as smart agriculture and transportation, while another topic on the meeting’s agenda is the admission of new members from Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and Macedonia.

The annual meeting of the BBS ICT Network is connected to the InfoFest 2016 ( and included in the official program of the event.

The Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters Network activity for 2016 runs under the coordination of Cluj IT Cluster.

More about the network available under:

Next step towards better regional cooperation

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Danube ICT Clusters’ sustainable cooperation for smart and inclusive growth – Regional Survey

According to the conclusions of the Strategic ICT Clusters’ Meeting for Danube ICT Clusters’ sustainable cooperation for smart and inclusive growth project which was held on February 18th and-19th 2016, in Belgrade, Regional Surveys have been implemented.
The surveys has been conducted under the framework of the DANUBE ICT Project and gave an opportunity to regional ICT clusters, business organizations, ICT SME’s as well as cross industry clusters to express their opinion about current business conditions and prospective for cross-border and cross industry collaboration in the region.
As a main result of thorough questionnaires, responded from almost all regional countries, there is very high scale of recognition of cross-border and cross-industry cooperation as business opportunity.
The Strategic Action Plan for regional cross-cluster collaboration was elaborated. The document is based on the results of the surveys. The Plan includes two potential projects on which project partners and regional partners will be focused in their future collaboration. They are Comprehensive value chain mapping for smart agriculture in the Balkans region and Entrepreneurial discovery for cross-cluster development of business models and smart technology-service solutions for precision agriculture.